Candle Walk 1139 - RAC Lalitpur

2075-8-2 / 2018-11-18  |  
Venue : Mangalbazar opposite of Bhimsen Temple


New Year celebration


Project Detail

The Candle walk 1139 project was the signature project of Rotaract Club of Lalitpur for the year 2075 which was celebrated on the very occasion of New Year Nepal Sambat 1139 .

‘Candle Walk 1139’ had to be postponed to 18th  November, 2018

Instead there was a memorial programme held on 7th November, 2018 for Late Padma Ratna Tuladhar at Kartik Dabali. Therefore, this year, we celebrated the New Year on the very day when our hero Shankhadhar Sakhwa was declared as the Rastriya Bibhuti of Nepal (18th  November, 2018). The title sponsor for this program was Siddhartha Bank. (Siddhartha Bank Candle Walk 1139). The program was held at Mangalbazar opposite of Bhimsen Temple.

We invited various distinguished guests for the program. The program started at around 5pm in the evening. The first part of the program was dance performance. There was participation from 5 differenct organizations. They were given the certificate of participation along with the lunch.

Additional Photos

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