ZRR Visit - RAC Palpa Tansen

2075-12-13 / 2019-03-27  |  
Venue : Rotary Office, Tansen


-To evaluate and overview the club situation 

-To provide suggestions and feedbacks as per needed.



Solely the club and the members

Project Detail

On dated March 27, 2019, RC Palpa Tansen  participation of ZRR Deep subedi and ZS Anup pandey along with IPP, PPs and other rotaractors. Our various club directors presented their reports on various activities under club service, community service and international service avenue.  Along with the appreciation on certain aspects of the club, ZRR Deep Subedi and ZS Anup Pandey provided fruitful suggestions regarding club activities, administration etc. ZS Mr. Pandey reinforced on the significance of club minuting as it is the important part of any club s to showcase. 


Additional Photos

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