Awareness on Legal Aid for Victims of Women Violence - RAC Patan West

Jointly With - Tewa & Shrijanshil Mahila Samuha

2075-8-15 / 2018-12-01  |  
Venue : Godamchaur, Godawari


UN Assembly has officially designated November 25 as the International day for the Elimination
of Violence Against Women. The objective of this project is to mark this special and important day and increase awareness regarding it with the collective efforts of a number of Rotaract clubs. 


Participants of the 1 day event. 

Project Detail

Women Violence that are prevailing in our society are hidden. They are hidden as women are suppressed. So in order to bring women into power and to eliminate the violence we have law. The law of our country Nepal is very good which covers overall system of Nepal, but the laws have not been implemented in a right way. It is not practiced as most of the people of Nepal are unaware of those laws. For this event, Rotaract Club of Patan West and Tewa collaborated together to organize this event here in Nepal. With correct guidelines, hard work and perfect coordination between all the involved rotaractors, this international project was a grand success. We visited Shrijanshil Mahila Samuha at Godamchwor. The program was 1 and half hours long with lots of learnings and interactions.

Guest Speaker Speech relating to women’s empowerment and women violence was given by Ms. Grishma Ojha. Presentation on law’s of Nepal in regard of violence against women was by aspiring lawyer and club PDD Rtr. Sonuj Giri. Interactive Session with members of Shrijanshil Mahila Samuha was conducted by Rtr. Urja Newa and Rtr. Sonuj Giri. 40 participants from Shrijanshil Mahila Samuha, 5 rotaractors, 3 members from Tewa and 1 guest speaker graced the event and made it successful. 

Additional Photos

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