ZRR Visit - RAC Patan West

2075-8-22 / 2018-12-08  |  
Venue : Cafe de Patan, Mangalbazar


To conduct the official ZRR Visit of RY 2018-19


RAC Patan West

Project Detail

On December 8, 2018, the official ZRR Visit of RY 2018-19 was conducted in the 10th regular meeting of Rotaract Club of Patan West. ZRR Rtr. Romi Shrestha and ZS Rtr. Tejan Shrestha of Zone VIII were present and 12 Rotaractors from RAC Patan West were present as well. ZRR inquired and checked the documents from a checklist and interacted with the members of RAC Patan West. 

She also gave feedback about the meeting, the working and the projects being conducted this year by RAC Patan West. She recommended we do a few things in order to improve the working of the club and also suggested some improvements to be made for the DRR Visit. 

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