scholarship handover program - RAC Newroad Pokhara

2076-1-20 / 2019-05-03  |  
Venue : laxmi adharbht mavi


the program was done to provide scholarship to four needy students of laxmi adharbhut mavi  pokhara -22


the students who got the sponsorship

Project Detail

Rotaract club of Newroad Pokhara successfully completed its signature project sholarships distribution  at Laxmi aadharbhut school, Pokhara-22, Pumdi Bhumdi.
All total of 4 students were given sets of bags(containing copies, pens, pencils, colors, sharpers, eraser and many more stationary kits) were distributed. along with scholarship for whole year of this session. the expense for drees shoes and books
We would like to thanks our international twin club Rotaract Yarra Ranges Australia for the support and also like to thanks Asmita Shrestha Dhauvadel didi, Pratik dai, Poonam vauju for scholarships arrangement

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