Jointly With - Rotary Club Of Birtamode Midtown, Rotary Club Of Damak , Rotaract Club Of Damak And Milkhaljung VDC

2076-1-19 / 2019-05-02  |  
Venue : Mikhlajung, Pachthar


1. To provide underprivileged children of a remote area with jackets.

2. To increase enrollment of childrens in school in the time of winter.



Children OF Milkhlajung VDC.

Project Detail

Project Coordinator- Rtr.Sharad Joshi

Official Cheif Guest- Santa Kumar Sharma( Ward Incharge Mikhlajung VDC) And Shuva Kumai Pathak(President Rotary Club Of Birtamode Midtown)

On 20th Of Baisakh 2076 Rotaract Club Of Birtamode Midtown Jointly With Rotary Club of Birtamode Midtown, Rotary Club of Damak, Rotaract Club Of Damak and Mikhlajung distributed 50 jackets Remote Area Of Pachthar District. Mikhlajung Village Which Is Situated At Most Difficult Hilly Terrain and is one of the coldest areas of the country. 

Continuing Our signature project "Hamilai Pani Jado Lagcha" we distributed 50jackets to underprivileged childrens of Mikhlajung VDC. MIkhlajung faces the extreme cold in the time of winter which stops poor childrens from going to school and also affects their health. So with the aim of protecting those children from cold and continuing their regular enrollment in school project was conducted. Children who received jackets were extremely happy and motivated to go to school.

Rtr. Sharad Joshi who is also part of RDC coordinated the project with partnering organizations and lead the program to success. 3 very active rotaractors spent 4 days in Mikhlajung after difficult travelling and made all projects in MIkhlajung grand success.

Project Budget- Around 50 thousand

Program Budget Was Mainly Managed By Rotary Clubs And Rotaract Club Jointly.

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