Holi festival 2075 Celebration - RAC Tilottama Devdaha

Jointly With - Leo cub, ujalo laltin

2075-12-7 / 2019-03-21  |  
Venue : Intek Resturant Milanchok Khaireni


To promote & preserve Nepalese culture. To have fellowship among Rotaractors. To increase bonding with other club & promote cultural identity.


Promoted the cultural tradition & identity. Increased fellowship & had mutual relation with other clubs. Advertisement of own club.

Project Detail

The program no. 23 of Rac Tilottama Devdaha was held on 7th Chaitra 2075 in Intake Resturant, Devdaha at sharp 11:00 am. The Program was about the Holi Celebration 2075 chaired by the club president Rtr. Ganesh Sapkota and Guest as different clubs president were attended in the Program. The program ended successfully wits lots of fun & fellowship.

Additional Photos

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