Sharing Stories on Sexual Assault - RAC Kathmandu University Medical School

2076-1-7 / 2019-04-20  |  
Venue : Dhulikhel Hospital


Creating awareness in Sexual Assault and raising voice against it.


Project Detail

On the occasion of Sexual Assault awareness month in April Rotaract CLub of KUMS organized the "Sharing stories" where the sexual assault victims participated and submitted their stories on sexual Assault, and how they dealth with it via google forms to maintain the anonymity of the victims and the stories were published in the official facebook site of RAC KUMS. We also released the video "The Unspoken" where female rotaractors shared their similiar stories and encouraged the people to come out and raise voice against sexual assault and violence.
The objective of this project to aware people about the Sexual assault and harassment to assure the victims that they are not the only one, there are thousands of people with similar stories and harboring similar pain in their heart. It is to encourage young girls and boys to Stand up for themselves and raise voice against Sexual assault, to aware them that "Its never the victims fault" "Consent is important"

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