IDYEP along with a Project Sikshya - RAC Durbarmarg

Jointly With - RAC Delhi Riverside

2075-8-19 / 2018-12-05  |  
Venue : Delhi India


To enhance international bonding




Project Detail

Rtr. Romen Manandhar went to District 3012 for Inter-District Youth Exchange Programme where he attended the sister club meetings and club activities in the RAC Delhi Riverside. Club activities such as know each other, and couple of game days to stronger the member bond with the club members and club. Also actively attending the sister club project on a community-based project titled Project Shiksha. Project Shiksha is a project where the slum children are targeted and help them to share the general knowledge and the information about the humanity so that they can achieve something some social knowledge. I have attended these projects a couple of times. The children are quick learners and they are cheerful ones. It’s not about just teaching them, you learn from them too.

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