Rotary, Rotaract and Inner Wheel Fellowship hike - RAC Madhyapur

Jointly With - Rotary Club of Madhyapur and Inner Wheel Madhyapur

2075-6-26 / 2018-10-12  |  
Venue : Banepa


To strengthen the bonding between the Rotary, Rotaract and Inner wheel family of Madhyapur.


Project Detail

Rotary, Rotaract and Inner wheel is a family. The support and collaboration is must for all to conduct their successful events. So, the mutual understanding and bonding becomes a prime between them. Hence, to promote this relationship and to carry on the tradition of harmony, a fellowship hike was organized in October 12, in the day of Fulpati, in Banepa.

The fellowship hike started from an eye hospital located in Banepa. Then we had a walk of an hour and reached a view tower. Then after 2 hrs we reached our final destination i.e. the Chandeswori Temple. Everybody had rest and breakfast in there.

This program is one of the annual joint fellowship programs of RAC Madhyapur Family. But due to some reason, last year it could not happen. So, we took the lead and the support of both Rotary and Inner Wheel led to grand success of the program.

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