Self-defense ToT - RAC Patan

Jointly With - Rotaract Club of Himalaya Patan, Patan Durbar Square, Patan South and Patan West

2076-2-4 / 2019-05-18  |  
Venue : St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel


1. To train the participants to be the trainers of self-defense in days to come.

2. To aware the participants about what is harassment & violence and train them to speak up for it.


All the participants

Project Detail

On 18th May, 2019 Rotaract Club of Patan jointly with 4 other clubs Rotaract Club of Himalaya Patan, Patan Durbar Square, Patan South and Patan West organized a self-defense Training of Trainers session for a closed group of participants. The trainers for the session were Mrs. Sonu Shakya Bajracharya and Ms. Shristi Shakya.

We started with a basic theoritical session where we discussed on what harassment and violence is and how we can defend against it. We did a short activity by dividing the participants into 3 groups and asked the first one to list out our weak points in the body, second grouo was asked to list out the strong parts of their body and last one was asked to list out items that we often carry that can be used as weapons to defend ourselves. The participants came up with some very great points and all of us discussed on them all.

Then we did the outdoor activities where the trainers demonstrated about the tips and tricks to apply in common situations we might get into. Then the participants were asked to follow them and practice the actions learned in pairs. All the participants were very enthusiastic and were sicerely learning the tricks taught.

At last all of us settled and then demonstrated the situations commonly faced by most of us. We also did practical examples with one acting as kidnapper and oher as a victim, one as a thief and other as a victim and at last one acted as a rapist and other as a victim. All of us also placed their queries to the trainers and learned about how we can tackle in those situations. All the participants were provided certificates at last and the training was concluded.

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