Ranjana Lipi Workshop and Live Calligraphy - RAC Kathmandu University Medical School

Jointly With - Akash Bhairab Club. Nepal Lipi Guthi, Dhulikhel Municipality

2076-2-11 / 2019-05-25  |  
Venue : Dhulikhel Narayansthan


To learn basic skills of the Ranjana Lipi script

To aware the people about the significance of the historical script and preserve it.




Project Detail

On 25th May 2019, RAC KUMS participated 'Ranjana Lipi Workshop and Live Calligraphy' organized by Akash Bhairav Club, Dhulikhel in association with Dhulikhel Municipality and Nepal Lipi Guthi at Narayansthan, Dhulikhel.

The participants were taught the basic skills for writing the script and significance of the vital script in the history of Nepal.

Ranjana lipi is used for writing the Newar language (Nepal Bhasa) is an abugida writing style which was developed in the 11th century. It is an oldest known written tradition of Nepal. It is the formal script of Nepal duly registered in the United Nation while applying for the free nation.

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