MOMOTHONE 2.0- A Mo:MO Eating Competition (Fellowship and Charity Event) - RAC Chandragiri

2076-2-18 / 2019-06-01  |  
Venue : The Loft Lounge, New Baneswore


1. To collect fund for providing scholarship to more number of genuine and needy students of Shree Choina Bina Guru Ganesh Primary School, Lohachowk, Lalitpur.

2. To promote fellowship among the rotaractors throughout the country.


1. 91 Rotaractors

2. 22 Non-Rotaractors

Project Detail

The event was promoted as a fellowship and charity event. The participants were divided into clusters of 15. The person who finishes one plate of mo: mo among 15 people was selected a winner of that round. The winners of various rounds competed at final. Rtr. Astha Asim Rai from RAC Kopundol became the winner again beating his own record of season 1 by 1 sec and completed in 16 secs. Likewise, Rupesh Chaulagain and Sujan Thapa became second and third respectively. The winners were awarded with gift hampers. The gift hampers for all three winners were sponsored by Paalcha Newari Kitchen, Sadhana Kala Kendra (Music and Dance School), Delta Constructions Pvt Ltd and The Loft Lounge

During the event, there were fellowships among the participants and non-participants. There were song dedications, bingo, and dance.

Additional Photos

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