Handover Program - RAC Parbat Pokhara

2076-3-14 / 2019-06-29  |  
Venue : NESDO's House


To handover the club responsibilities to new boary 2019-20


Rotaract Members



Project Detail

Board of Directors 2018-19 handed over the roles and responsibilities to Board of Directors 2019-20 on Clubs 66th Regular Meeting. President 2018-19 provided presidential pin and Collar to President Elect.

After that the meeting was carried by New President 2019-20 Rtr Ravin Pokhrel.

President Rtr Durga Sharma 2018-19 thanked all club members for the successful rota year 2018-19 and congratulated the new board too.

A special Dahi Chiura was taken after the meeting on the occasion of Ashar 15th. Will Be Sponsored By Rtr. Durga Sharma, President 2018/19.

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