22nd Charter Day Celebration - RAC Patan

2076-3-15 / 2019-06-30  |  
Venue : The Buffet Restaurant and Bar, Jhamsikhel


1. To celebrate successful completion of 22 years of journey of Rotaract Club of Patan

2. To bring together and increase bonding between the new and pst members of the club.


All the club members and guests

Project Detail

Rotaract Club of Patan turned 23 this year. These 22 years of its successful establishment is not celebrated without the support of our past leaders. So, on 30th June, 2019 the 22nd Charter Day of Rotaract Club of Patan was celebrated at The Buffet Restaurant and Bar, Jhamsikhel.

We started with a short video of the activities we could record of the past 22 years. The installations, the services, the fun they had could be seen captured in thise photographs and our past leaders certainly recalled the days they spent being a Rotaractor. We then continued the celebration with cake cutting. All the presidents together cut the cake and was then shared to all the members present at the ceremony. 

We then proceeded with snacks and enjoyed live music from our club members. With the presence of 40 club members including 10 Past Presidents, 2 Rotaract District members, 4 Interact District members and 16 guests, everyone spent the evening with Rotaract Club of Patan family. The celebration ended at 10:30 p.m 

Additional Photos

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