The Dart Twisted - RAC Biratnagar Down Town

Jointly With - Rotary Club Of Biratnagar Downtown

2076-4-11 / 2019-07-27  |  
Venue : Atithi Sadan, Biratnagar


1. To create a good bonding with our parent club.

2. To raise the fund for the club.

3. To entertain the club members.


Children and the club

Project Detail

With the aim of raising the fund in the club and also as a entertainment in the 'Shrawan Mela' organized by our parent club, Rotaract Club of Biratnagar Downtown Organized a Game stall (The Dart Twisted) At Atithi Sadan. The event was of two days which ended today. There were a total of 13 rotaractors present in the event along with all the rotarians. Also, we conducted a housie game at the end of the event which created some amount of fund for the club. The event was a successful one with the active participatition of our club members. We would like to thank every member for their presence.

Additional Photos

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