8th Installation of Rotaract Club of Rudramati Babarmahal - RAC Dillibazar-Kathmandu

Jointly With - Rotaract

2076-3-28 / 2019-07-13  |  
Venue : FNCSI Building, Maitighar Kathmandu


Presidency handover
Fellowship with Rotaractors 


Project Detail

18th Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Club of Rudramati Babarmahal was held on 13th July 2019. The event was started at around 3:15pm and ended on 5:15pm. Outgoing President Rtr. Pratik Dhakal shared his learning and his experience that he learned the entire year as well as he shared his projects which was done during the year. He also recognized his board members and thanks for helping .

Rtr. Pratik Dhakal handed over the presidency to Rtr.Deepak Neupane as the President for the year 2019-20 for the club of Rotaract Club of Rudramati Babarmahal. Rtr. Deepak Neupane give the acceptance speech and accept as the president of Rotaract Club of Rudramati Babarmahal.Rtr. Deepak Neupane Introduce the newly formed board members and gave oath. 

Address by , DRCC Rtn. Dan Bahadur Chand, Past President Rtn. Kishor Tripathi and Rtn.Dr. Sajani Shrestha.
It was followed up by refreshments and fellowship.

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