9th Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Club of Manohara - RAC Dillibazar-Kathmandu

2076-4-4 / 2019-07-20  |  
Venue : ICA Training Centre, Balkumari


Fellowship With Rotaractors 
Presidency Handover 


Project Detail

The event was Started at around 4:15pm and ended on 5:25pm. Out Going President Rtr. Bipendra Basnet shared  his learnings and his experiences that he learned the entire year. Secretary (2018-19) shared major projects of RY(2018-19).

He also Recognized few outstanding and hard working Rotaractors. Out Going President Rtr. Bipendra Basnet then handed over the presidency to Rtr. Sampat Poudel as the 9th President of the club. President Rtr. Sampat Poudel then accepted his presidency and also introduced his board. All the board members were appointed after they took the oath.

Adress by DRCC Rtn. Dan bahadur Chand, Rtn.Sajani Shrestha and farewell to the Past President Rtr. Bipendra Basnet. Farewell Speech from him. 

It was followed up by fellowship Snacks. 

Additional Photos

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