Intra -Rotaract Futsal Tournament - RAC Manipal College of Medical Sciences

2076-4-18 / 2019-08-03  |  
Venue : Top Corner Futsal Arena,Phulbari


To increase fun and fellowship among rotaractors


All the rotaractors that took part in the event

Project Detail

The rotaractors were divided into different teams,there were 4 boys team and 2 girls team.For the boys the games were played on a league basis where every team played against each other with the top 2 teams advancing to the final,while for the girls the two teams played against each other twice with the team that scores the more number of goals being declared the winner.The games consisted of 20 min each.The boys final was played between "The Beasts" and "Batch of 2017" with the beasts winning 5-3.The girls final was played with Batch Of 2017 winning.

The event was full of fun and fellowship. 

Additional Photos

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