Phase 1 Hepatitis B Immunization Campaign - RAC Manipal College of Medical Sciences

Jointly With - Hospital Administraion,Manipal Teaching Hospital

2076-5-1 / 2019-08-18  |  
Venue : Manipal Teaching hospital


To Immunize all the individuals against Hepatitis B


Over 350 people that received the vaccination

Project Detail

Rotaract Club Of Manipal College Of Medical Sciences along with the Hospital administration successfully completed a Mass immunization campaign against Hepatitis B.
Hepatitis B is a disease spread through accidental needle pricks,sharing of needles,sexual contact and mother to child with health professionals at increased risk of coming in contact with the virus.
Over 350 hospital staffs and students received the first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine.

We would like to thank the Hospital Director and the staff advisor of Rotaract Club Of Manipal College Of Medical Sciences Prof.Dr.A.L Sharma for his help in organizing the campaign

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