Workshop on Sanitary Pad Making - RAC Patan Durbar Square

Jointly With - Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square and Spouse Group

2076-5-1 / 2019-08-18  |  
Venue : Siddhi Mangal Secondary School, Siddhipur


To give student knowledge about use of reusabe pads. To aware students about myths and facts realted to mensturaion. To teach students and teachers to make reusable sanitary pad.


Major beneficiaries of this project were school students and teachers around 30 students wore involved and 5 teachers wore also involved during workshop.

Project Detail

On 18th August 2019 Rotary and Rotaract Club Of Patan Durbar Square and Spouse group organized workshop on Sanitary pad making with idea of long term impact to help improve menstrual hygiene by teaching to make reusable pads

Program coordinated by Spouse group and conducted at Siddhi Managal Secondary School whrere 4 Rotaractors from our club and around 30 students from school wore their during workshop. We gave systematic training about making and using of reusable pad which can be used as well as sold. Similarly participants were also gifted reusable pads

Program was Officially Started at 11am in presence of Principle of school and Rotarians. Targeted Group i.e. Students and also Rotaractors of Siddhi Mangal and Patan Durbar Square were happy with the workshop and had positive thoughts about giving training to others in future and make it more impactful. Overall the workshop has given continuity to sustainable development in health sector of country.

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