Sunnelai Sunko Mala - RAC Kathmandu

Jointly With - Rupantar International

2076-4-31 / 2019-08-16  |  
Venue : Rotary Hall, Thapathali


To share some old and new anecdotes.



Project Detail

Rotaract Club of Kathmandu hosted a program “Sunnelai Sunko Mala” on 16 th August, 2019 which was joint initiation with Rupantar International. This program was started at 4:00 PM and was ended at 6:30 PM. During this program, media person Rupesh Shrestha started the program by sharing his own school time story which was about an incident happened in his school life. After this story, he shared old story of “Kachhuwa ra Kharayo” which we used to listen in our childhood time and sequel of this story which was really interesting. Similarly,he shared different other old anecdotes and ended program with his own real life story. Overall, this program was successfully completed in presence of 20 participants.

Additional Photos

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