Zonal meeting - RAC Kathmandu University Medical School

2076-3-21 / 2019-07-06  |  
Venue : KUSMS


To discuss zonal district agendas. 


Project Detail

Every club of Zone X were invited. 7 of them were present including the host club RAC KUMS. 

The First Zonal Meeting of Zone X for the Rota Year 2019-20 was conducted under the chairmanship of Zonal Rotaract Representative Rtr. Nischal Shrestha and was hosted by Rotaract Club of Kathmandu University Medical School at Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, Dhulikhel Hospital. The agendas discussed were as following:

1. Board of Directors finalization
- All the clubs of Zone X have finalized their board members.

2. Handover Ceremony, Club Installation and Club Assembly
- None of the clubs has conducted the handover ceremony, they are planning to conduct the installation at the end of July or the beginning of August. Club Assembly will be conducted after the club instillation.

3. President and Secretary Update in Rotary Webpage and Rotaract Nepal webpage and FB group
-  Most of the clubs are facing difficulties accessing the Rotaract Nepal webpage (RAC Panauti, RAC Dhulikhel, RAC Banepa). Similarly, RAC KU wants to update their club logo, and RAC Banepa needs to update their meeting venue. All the clubs’ presidents and secretaries have been added in their respective Facebook groups.

4. Rotaract District Directory and Diary distribution and update on DLTS
-  All the club’s Presidents and Secretaries were provided with the district directory along with district diary. Furthermore, an overview about the DLTS was also conducted.

5. District Goals along with Zonal Goal Planning
- A brief overview about the District Goals was discussed. And for a Zonal level, 8 clubs will be hosting a Zonal Meeting followed by a small zonal based event to enhance fellowship within the Zone. Any clubs being absent in the zonal meeting will be charged with Rs. 200 which will eventually go in the Zonal Funds. The Zone also intends to host a Zonal Recognition Awards at the end of the Rota Year.


6. Zonal COTS
- The host club for Zonal COTS has been finalized and will be hosted with a joint initiation of RAC KU, RAC KUMS and RAC Dhulikhel on the 20th of this month. Further notice regarding the registration fees and venue will be announced by the host clubs.

7. PS Meet (Inclusion of other members rather than President and Secretary)
-  All the clubs suggested the inclusion of participation of other members besides Presidents and Secretaries with a clause to provide effective sessions to them.

8. Finalization of Zonal Secretary
-  Rtr. Manisha Shrestha was elected as Zonal Secretary of Zone X for the Rota Year 2019-20 with the mutual consent from all the three applicants, namely, Rtr. Manisha Shrestha from RAC Panauti, Rtr. Shreeya Shrestha from RAC KUMS and Rtr. Sushant Mahat representing RAC KU.

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