Installation Ceremony - RAC Birtamod Mid-Town

Jointly With - Rotary Club of Birtamode Midtown

2076-3-18 / 2019-07-03  |  
Venue : Adarsha Banquet


1. To start the new tenure  2. To introduce the new members and board team 


Project Detail

5th Installation Day Of Rotaract Club Of Birtamode Midtown and 6th Installation Day of Rotary Club Of Birtamode Midtown Was A Grand Success. Rotaract Club of Birtamode Midtown  successfully organized its installation ceremony on 3rd august 2019.Our IPP Rtr. Sunny Goyal handovered the presidentship to Rtr. Vivek Koirala in presence of guests in the ceremony. 
Token of Love were given to guests. Rtr.Prakriti neupane was gifted 2 sewing machines by Rtn.Subha Kumai Pathak (president 2018-2019) for our signature project "PAD YATRA".
There was presence of rotarians interactors and rotaractors from different club of zone 1.  We Wish Newly Elected Team Lead By Rtr Vivek Koirala A Very Successful Tenure.

Additional Photos

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