General Meeting and Club Tshirt launching. - RAC Biratnagar

2076-4-4 / 2019-07-20  |  
Venue : Rotary Bhawan Biratnagar


To attending a club general meeting and discuss on various agendas.


All Rtrs

Project Detail

We Rac Biratnagar have an our second Regular meeting of RY 2019/20. We discuss on various agendas. And also we have launched our club T-shirt with a hand of our guest speakers Anupama Bastola and in a presence of ZRR Rtr Heniz Das , president , directors and all the members .

Our guest speakers share her memories from her childhood to till the days with  each every step of her struggling life. She share her Miss nepal journey , social activations and Networking and her business within a 20 Minutes.

Altogether she share effectively her life journey with in this shortest time that was a great motivation to all of us.

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