PAD YATRA PHASE 7 - RAC Birtamod Mid-Town

Jointly With - Rotary club of Birtamode midtown

2076-3-25 / 2019-07-10  |  
Venue : Durga Mandir, Arjndhara-6 jhapa


The main objectives of this project are listed below :    assess the knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of women and men in relation to menstrual hygiene.   collect information on beliefs and cultural and social practices related to women’s menstrual hygiene management.  identify physical, social, economic and environmental barriers to good menstrual hygiene management among women.   identify good practices that encourage good menstrual hygiene.  provide skills and knowledge to people for making sanitary pad at home by using our local raw materials.  to make people aware of the advantage of using homemade sanitary pad and dis advantages of sanitary pad available in the market in term of money and health.


If girls and women are to live healthy and productive lives, with dignity, menstrual hygiene is a priority. In many areas, there is complete neglect of menstrual hygiene due to low awareness levels and lack of access to sanitary products. We all know that Menstrual Hygiene Management Enables Women and Girls to Reach Their Full Potential. This program "PAD YATRA" combines health education for adolescent girls, providing knowledge and skills to prepare sanitary pad at home itself with low cost and enabling other sanitation measures. 

Besides this there are many beneficiaries that this project enables in a society which are listed below briefly :

·         First of all this project will make people aware of menstrual hygiene. It will also make people know about the impact of menstrual hygiene.

·         This project will help to generate ideas, skills to prepare homemade sanitary pad with local raw materials available at home.

·         Not only girls but even boys are also interested to participate in this program which is the good sign of success for our society.

·         This projects is mainly beneficiaries for those people who are suffering financial crisis. because it will help to provide skills to prepare sanitary pad at very very low cost.  

Project Detail

This project got held on 10th August 2019 at Arjundhara - 6 kapatnbari in a joint venture of Rotract club of Birtamod Midtown and Rotary club of Birtamod Midtown. This program was chaired by club president Rtr Vivek Koirala. Altogether 24 members were present form both club and mainly the program was lead under the initiation of Rtr Prakriti Neaupane. As the main objectives of this project "PAD YATRA " is to assess the knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of women and men in relation to menstrual hygiene as well provide the skills and knowledge to prepare homemade sanitary pad which are eco-friendly, economic in cost along with beneficiaries for health. The total number of people who participate in this project were around 80 from both gender i.e male and female. We provide them different knowledge related to menstrual hygiene along with the skills of making homemade a sanitary pad. All the people show great enthusiasm while participating in the project . They were very curious and friendly and also they share the experience which they had faced during the menstrual period.

Since this is a 1-day project we had concluded this project at 4 PM. Club president Rtr Vivek Koirala and Club Secreatry Rtr Sovita Koirala express their views and thanks to all the rotaractors, Rotarians as well as the people who participated in that event. All the participants express their positive views about the project saying that this event had changed the perception towards menstrual hygiene and all were a convenience to make a homemade sanitary pad.

Since this project is or signature project and we are in Phase 7, now we are changing the attitude and belief of people towards menstrual hygiene and also we are increasing the use of homemade a sanitary pad.


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