Healthy Living session II-"Dengue Awareness Program" - Rotaract Club Of Pokhara Gandaki Medical College

2076-5-22 / 2019-09-08  |  
Venue : Birauta-Pokhara


To aware students of class 7,8,9,10,11 & 12 of Balodhaya H.S.B.School about:

a.what is dengue ?

b.How it is caused?

c.How it spreads?

d.How to prevent it ?


Students of   class 7,8,9,10,11 & 12 of Balodhaya H.S.B.School and their parents indirectly.

Project Detail

Dengue is a viral - vector borne disease caused by a dengue virus of family Flavivirus which is spread by family Aedes mosquito which breeds in fresh stagnant water.

Keeping in mind the objective of our signature project "Healthy Living" we decided to aware students of school and we selected a school by informing the principal of school and they were pleased with our idea & gave us time of today at 1:00pm.

Rtr. Jayant Kumar Sahu being the coordinator of project formed his team and divided the work.PPT was made by Rtr.Nalisha Pradhan and they both presented in the program.

We were helped by our interact club which is in same school in the name of "Interact Club Of Balodhaya School"in all the arrangements.

Around 250 stuents were beneited by our project and we fulfilled our objective by making them aware on those topics.

Rs.300 was invested in the program for gifts and logistics. 

Additional Photos

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