Zonal Cots - RAC Lumbini Siddhartha Nagar

Jointly With - zone XII

2076-4-25 / 2019-08-10  |  
Venue : Amrapali cottage and restaurant


To learn about SWOT,club roles and resposibility.

to learn about vision,mission and goals.

to train board member,president ,secretary and general member.


To all club members

Project Detail

Zonal cots was hosted by Zone XII  which was started with the presidentship of Zone XII ZRR Rtr.Milan Bhandari.All the training secession were dividend into 3 parts. I.e Presidednt& secretary, Board member amd General member.Training was conducted by 19/20 DRR Rtr.Sneha Shakya,ADLT Rtr.Aasib Karmacharya,Rtr Prabhash Roy and Rtr Shabik Raj.Total Number of rotaractors in zonal cots were 257.The program were too fruitful so that all the member are able to understand the ROTARACT.

Additional Photos

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