2 days Leadership Training (LUMBINI ACADEMY 2019) - RAC Butwal Down Town

Jointly With - single hosted

2076-5-13 / 2019-08-30  |  
Venue : Lumbini Buddha Garden Resort, Lumbini


To provide knowledge to ipmrove professionalism in respective field

To build of confidence of participants and paves the way for future inspirational leaders

To be a more proactive about self development

To take more control of ones carrier

to sharap interpersonal and communicational skills

To Handle work load effectively in respective field

To overall Development in Leadership Skills of participant

To promote Lumbini because programme held in Lumbini


All Participants From Rotaract Club Of Butwal Downtown

All participant member From Agni cement pvt ltd

All participant from Rotaract club of Bhairahawa

All participant from Rotary Club of Butwal Downtown

All Participant from Rotaract Club of Khitiz Internation college

All participant from Rotaract club Tinau Butwal

Participant From Global Ime Bank

Participant From Sunrise Bank

Tourism Industry


Project Detail

Rotaract Club Of Butwal Downtown successfully conducted the MEGA prograame for 2019/20 i.e 2 days Leadership Training (LUMBINI ACADEMY 2019) in beautiful and historical place Lumbini with the theme REDISCOVER YOURSELF..  Lumbini is a Birth place of Gautam Buddha which is top Tourism place of Nepal and we conducted programme there to promote Visit Lumbini.                  In the History of Rotaract ,its the top and life changing 2 days training in fully workshop style with Graduation ceremony which never have been seen in Rotaract History.  Mr Milan Gurung Trainer of JCI International was a Main Pilot of training seassion with copilot Mr Rajendra Ghimire Head of Sunrise Bank Province 5.   The course was developed very professionally. Mr Milan Gurung the trainer is very likeable person who knows his stuff and he brought his personel experiences into the training which made it very interesting and overall excellent. 

  Trainer Divided the participant in 8 group and gave maximum task to each group realted with communicstion and leadership efficency.

Day 1.  2019-08-30

14:00 pm  Opening Seassion

14:30 pm to 19:45 Pm    session 1 (Go Ahead- Self Growth)

                        Session 2 (successful communication)

                        session 3 ( Incredible excellence)

     (in every 1:30 hour 10 minute Break  and 1 task for each group, one slow / dancing song with group dance)

   20:30 to 21:30     cultural dance with Madhal and dammfu

    21:30 to 22:15 Dinner  

22:30 compulser sleep for all


5:30      compulsery wake up

6 am to 7 am    -   Yoga/ Meditation by Top Guru

7 am to 8 am refreshmeent and breakfast

8:15 to  14 pm       Session 4  (spiritually minded is life eternal)

                              session 5  (Individually Together)

                              session 6   (REDISCOVER YOURSELF)

  in every 2 hour 1 task for each group as well to individual,   1 dancing song to dance being freely, hi tea 

Cash Punishment who not involve in task as well who became delay.            

Rs 600 income From participant by broking rules

extra Rs 1300 gave by participant to tainer and trainer added 1900  and total rs 3800 gave to Host President for 1 project in child education.

Remarks By Chief Guest Assistant Governor Rtn Rajendra Dhakal. 

lunch at 14 pm

Closing Ceremony at 14:30

Certificate of Participation Provided by Chief Guest, trainer

Graduation Ceremony

Thanks speech By Club President Rtr Madhu Bhattari

closing By Mc Rtr Saurabh Bhusal

Group Photography  

    Total Cost in Programme                 265000

cash from reg                                    116500

Net Loss for Club                           Nrs 148500/-  (One lakh Eighty five thousand five hundred)                   

Additional Photos

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