Tourism Promotion Programme 2019 - RAC Gaindakot

2076-6-24 / 2019-10-11  |  
Venue : Devchuli Height (2150m)


Exploring the potential of Devchuli Height. 

Promotion of Devchuli Height for Nepal Tourism Year 2020. 



Residents of Devchuli, Pokhari, Kumsot, Dhobadi

Project Detail

Devchuli Height which is located at Nawalpur district consist of the highest point of Terai Belt which is at the altitude of 2150 m (higher than Bandipur height). Lack of proper attention from the stakeholders had kept this place in the shadow. 

Features of Devchuli Height: 

--> Fluctuating climate
--> Beautiful sunrise
--> Two different Himalayan Range visible from the height
--> Religious Cave which is supposed to have connection directly to Kawasoti. 

News Coverage of the Event is in the link :


Additional Photos

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