Dashain for all- Tika at old age home - RAC Yala

2076-6-25 / 2019-10-12  |  
Venue : Mata tirtha old age home committee, Chandragiri


The objectives of this project are as follows:

To celebrate Dashain and receive tika from the elders residing in the old age home. To serve one-time tea and snacks to the elder people. To donate certain collected amount of fund to the old age home.


Project Detail

Old age home is a multi-residence housing facility intended for the elderly. Whereby elderly people with no homes or abandoned from their houses resides. In contrast, Dashain is the festival celebrated with family members and the elders from old age home do not have the privilege of celebrating Dashain with their family. Therefore, RAC Yala conducted this community service project “Dashain for all- Tika at old age home” on 12th October 2019 to reignite the happiness that had been lost. In this project we visited “Mata Tirtha Old Age Committee, Chandragiri where we received tika from the elders there. Also. we provided one-time tea and snacks to the elders, gifted them with Nepali purse and enjoyed by clicking photos and videos.

For this project, the tea and snacks was sponsored by our own club Rotaract Club of Yala, and the donations to organization were sponsored by: Rtr. Ritesh Shakya’s family: Rs.2000, Rtr. Prerna Singh’s family: Rs.500 and Rotaract Club of Yala family: Rs.1000.

We were able to bring a bit of smile in 23 elderly faces. And, we cannot thank enough to all the participants without whom the event would not have been possible. Lastly, at the end we participants had our refreshments at Solu Shrepa restaurant.

Additional Photos

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