PUNARJEEWAN HOPE FOR LIFE ,Ist aid training 5th episode - RAC Dharan Ghopa

Jointly With - Youth for Blood and Youth innovative Science Society

2076-9-12 / 2019-12-28  |  
Venue : KANAR ,Ithari


to educate and aware people about first aid


students and teachers of various school of kanar, ithari

Project Detail

We rotaract club of Dharan Ghopa conducted 5th episode of first aid training program organized by Schools of Khanar (ward 11,12 and 13) , Youth for Blood and Youth Innovative Science society targeting the local school students of the various wards of Khanar and their teachers and members of Youth Innovative Science Society. The program was conducted on December 28, 2019 from 10 p.m. to 1 p.m. which facilitated 39 students and rest 12 volunteers and teachers . There was presence of 4 rotaractors Gaurav Gupta , Shree-jana Ghimire ,Aayucee Agrawal ,Saurav Wagle in the event to conduct the training who presented on various topics of first aid treatment in case of common conditions in the society. The session was highly interactive with active participation of every member in the learning activity and practice. A feedback form was collected at the end of the event which bought a lot of positive vibes and showed a lot of enthusiastic participants present in the program. Thanking you!
Rtr Saurav Wagle
International Service Director
Rotaract Club of Dharan Ghopa
RY 2019/20

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