7th International Nepali Topi day & New Year Greetings - RAC Lumbini Siddhartha Nagar

2076-9-16 / 2020-01-01  |  
Venue : Galaxy Restaurant


To Preserve our nationality by wearing nepali Dhaka Topi 

To greet exchange of New Year 2020 



Project Detail

on the dated 2076/09/16 we have sucessfully celebrated 7th international nepali topi day and new year greeting exchange  program in our 213th regular meeting with the preidentship of Rtr.Jay Singh Thapa.The Guest were Rtn Khem Karki(Past President of Rc Lumbini Siddharthanagar) ,RtnJitendranath Sharma(IPP of Rc Lumbini Siddharthanagar),DRC Member Rtn/Rtr.Dinesh Agrawal.213th regular meeting was called by Rtr.Jay Singh Thapa where all the member has worn Nepali Dhaka Topi to preseve  our culture and new year greetings were exchanged between all the members,

Additional Photos

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