12th Rotaract District Conference - RAC Lumbini Siddhartha Nagar

Jointly With - Rotaract District Committee

2076-9-11 / 2019-12-27  |  
Venue : Yala Durbar,Lalitpur


To attend conference.

To Fellowship.


Project Detail

on the dated 2019/12/27 12 Rotaract District Conference was held at Yala Durbar Banquet,Sankhamul with the theme Investing in Youth.It was Hosted by Rac Balaju,Rac Patan West,Rac Kasthamandup,Rac Biratnagar,and Rac Mahaboudha.Conference was for 2 days.

In 1St Day,

There was a PDRR'S Pannel.

Lighting Talks about how club has contributed to the benefits of Youth.

Rotaractors Role

2nd Day,

Panels 1st-Efforts,Opportunities and Results-Policies and Beyond

Panel 2nd Working Together-Connecting the dots.

Panel 3Rd-Roary For the Future of Youth

Second PS meet Announcement

Announcement of Drr Nominee and 

Dinner and Fellowship

Additional Photos

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