Learn From Everyone - RAC Ratnanagar

2076-10-18 / 2020-02-01  |  
Venue : Hotel Star Banquet


1.To develop a public speaking capabilities

2.To gain knowledge



It helps the rotaractors to have Basic knowledge on different fields as well as to Identifying and filling knowledge gaps and to develop leading, speaking and presenting capacity.

Project Detail

Everyday is a great day for learning something new so, we should learn everyday. Learn from everyone session is for those who are willing to share there knowledge and experience so that others who are willing to gain something new can be benefited. So this is knowledge sharing session.

Rotaract club of Ratnanagar started learn from everyone session  from today meeting (1st Feb 2020) on regular basis where atleast 2 members will speak and share their views. Today, Rtr. Ashik uperkoti and Rtr. Alina Aryal were the speaker of the program. Thanks to Rtr. Manish Baniya and Rtr. Ashik uperkoti for bringing this idea and helping the Rotaractors.

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