Basic orientation on Water Sanitation & hygiene - RAC Lalitpur

Jointly With - RC Kathmandu Midtown

2014-04-29 / 2014-04-29  |   0
Venue : Shree Indreshwori Higher Secondary School, Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk
Type : Hosted


The objectives of the project can be enlisted as:  To generate awareness among the students regarding the importance of sanitation and hand-washing  To educate the students on the necessity of purification and different common ways to pu


Project Detail

The program was initiated in coordination with Sebac- Nepal and the faculty of the Shree Indreshwori Higher Secondary School, Melamchi,Sindhupalchowk.

Pre-event planning

1st Phase:Meeting with “Sebac-Nepal” at Chautara, Sindhupalchowk for coordination with the faculty of Shree Indreshwori Higher Secondary School, Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk through telephone communication.

2nd Phase:Visit to the school for meeting with the principle and other faculty of the School for the logistics management for the event.

Day of Project:Arrived at the school at 7:30 am to prepare the venue for the event

The following activities were conducted:

1.      Introduction and importance of hygiene and sanitation was shared by Rtr. Sanju Maharjan from Rotaract Club of Lalitpur.

2.      Identification of clean and polluted environment by the participants through pictorial medium was done by Smriti Maskey and Rtr. Sanju Maharjan.

3.      Effects of open defecation and the methods to purify the water for drinking purpose was shared by Rtr. Archana Maharjan (Rotaract Club of Lalitpur)

4.      Standard 6 steps of Hand-washing technique were demonstrated by Smriti Maskey.

5.      Each participant was given “lifebuoy” soap by the team.

6.      Vote of thanks was given to all the participants and a Choco-fun was given to them.

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